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Iklan #23
Buyer's protection
Act locally to avoid scam
Anonymous payment gateways are very unsafe
Cheques payments are not recommended
Spesifikasi Teknis:
8 unit tersisa 4 unit
Luas Tanah 100 m
2 Kamar Tidur
1 Kamar Mandi
Air Sumur Bor
Ruang tamu
Ruang keluarga
Listrik 1300w
Lantai granit 60x60
Closet Duduk
Sisa Tanah Belakang Masih Luas
Akses Jalan Lebar 6 Meter ( MOBIL PAPASAN / SIMPANGAN )
Legalitas SHM + IMB
Harga Promo mulai 400jt

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